The Benefits of Trough Hedging

by | Jan 12, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Due to the lockdown restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the last 2 years have seen us appreciate our gardens more as a place of sanctuary, peace and inspiration.  And as we’ve had so much more time on our hands, many thousands of people have taken more of an interest in their gardens and gardening in general.

Many gardens in urban areas are cordoned off with fencing panels with many people not realising that there are alternatives to this boundary shielding.  However, as more people are getting into gardening and of course, with more awareness of the urgent need to protect the eco-system, they’re coming round to the idea that hedge planting is a much more eco-friendly (and prettier) option to fencing.

Once upon a time, to grow a hedge, you needed oodles of patience to let them grow to a height where they provided privacy and garden boundaries.  However, these days, this isn’t the case!  Hedges can be grown in troughs, at heights sufficient to provide instant privacy.

Here’s some of the benefits of trough hedging

  1. Trough hedges are a simple concept

You can’t have a more simple concept than trough hedging!  Hedge plants are planted in varying sizes of troughs – usually containing around 3-5 plants.  They’re grown in the troughs until they reach a certain size and height, and are ready for planting in their ‘forever home’ in your garden.

You choose the type and size of the hedge you want and tah dah!, you have an instant, mature hedge ready to plant where you want it.

  1. Trough hedges give you instant screening

There’s no need for patience over many years, waiting for your hedge to grow sufficiently to screen the area you want – trough hedges are grown to various heights initially, before they go on sale.  Therefore, you have instant screening from the moment you take delivery of them.

  1. Trough hedges produce a dense, neat hedge

Because the hedge plants are grown by experts who know their stuff, you’ll be purchasing a dense, neat hedge immediately.  The hedge plants are cared for throughout their growing periods to produce a hedge that’s knitted together, rather than single, separated hedge plants.

There’s no need to wait for trough hedges to grow – they all come fully formed because they’ve been nurtured over a number of years.

  1. Hedge Troughs can be planted all year round

Hedge troughs are established plants when you purchase them and because of this, they can be planted out at any time of the year.  Equally, they’re easily transferred into the ground and will settle and grow whatever the season.

  1. Hedge Troughs are easy to manoeuvre into place

Instead of struggling with various large, individual hedge plants to get them into place, trough hedges can be easily moved into place in one go.  You can play around with the position of the trough before you plant them into the ground.

  1. You can create interesting shapes with trough plants

Essentially, you can start being creative with your hedging as soon as you plant it – you don’t have to wait for a few years for the plants to knit together and gain height before you give it the topiary treatment!


So there you have it – the benefits of using trough hedging for screening and enhancing your garden.  Trough hedges can be used for both commercial and domestic projects, or wherever you want to screen an outside space with speed and ease.

We are Readyhedgegrowers & suppliers of quality instant hedging and screening. We are a responsible and ethical nursery, situated in the south of Worcestershire.  If you’d like more information about trough hedging, then take a look at our website or give us a call on 01386 750 585 – we’d be happy to help!