The Benefits of Hedges for Wildlife

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There are many benefits that come from hedges. They can range from aesthetics all the way down to the brilliant benefits they provide for surrounding wildlife.

For whatever reason you may choose to purchase your hedges, we felt that you may be interested to know the brilliant positives that come with them!


Creates essential habitats for wildlife

Believe it or not, but your hedges act as the perfect home for various wildlife. You may notice throughout the day and night that there is lots of activity.

Hedges provide the perfect habitat for:

Birds – Hedges provide the perfect space for birds to create nests. You will find more birds nesting in woody species of hedges, as they provide the perfect amount of support for a nest. Depending on the type of bird, you will notice that some will choose to nest further down such as Robins and Wrens. Birds such as Chaffinches and Thrushes will opt to nest further up. You can find more details about identifying birds nests in your hedges through this helpful website.

Hedgehogs – Hedges with a wide field margin and thick base are ideal for hedgehogs. They like to use the various materials and leaves to create a habitat that they can shelter in during the day and hibernate in during the winter months. When planting your hedges, be sure to make shallow sloping sides on the ditches to allow easy access for hedgehogs.


Provide food for wildlife

Whether the hedge produces food such as berries and flowers or, the food source comes from insects crawling throughout the hedge – hedges are brilliant for providing food supplements for the surrounding wildlife.

If the hedge grows berries, it will attract plenty of birds who will make the most of it! With hedges that grow flora, there will be plenty of bees, butterflies and various other insects surrounding the hedges.


Become a useful passageway for wildlife

Hedges are brilliant for allowing wildlife to move across the surrounding landscape. They become great flight paths and allow wildlife to rest, breed, forage and move from one location to the other with ease.


Why is it important to help our wildlife?

We understand that for many, the prospect of helping wildlife may seem like a daunting task. The reality is, however, that even the very simplest of actions we take, can have a positive impact.

Whether you choose to plant hedges in your garden, or flowers, or even just choose to set up a bug hotel… you have done your part.

Our wildlife is not only a pleasure to see but, is a vital part of our environment.


As a responsible and ethical business, we take passion in the work we do whilst also protecting the wildlife around us. We appreciate just how essential wildlife is. That is why we ensure that we grow our hedges with love, care and attention – so that when you purchase them, they thrive and provide both you and the surrounding wildlife lots of happiness.

If you have any queries regarding the best hedges for your garden or the surrounding wildlife, please feel free to contact us. We are experts when it comes to hedges and are always happy to share our knowledge with others!

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