Prunus lau. Rotundifolia Readybag

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Prunus lau. Rotundifolia is also known as Common laurel or Cherry laurel, this is a reliable hedge that is evergreen.  Best suited to being a boundary hedge where it can be a little less manicured than some hedges this will allow it to shine and show off its full potential.

Prunus lau. Rotundifolia

Common Laurel (Prunus lau. Rotundifolia) Instant hedging, is sometimes also called Cherry laurel, it is a large leaved evergreen plant that provides instant privacy in your garden. It is a vigorous growing plant and if allowed to can become very wide spreading and can reach around 5 metres in height. As a hedge it can be comfortably kept at between 150cm and 200cm in height.  The leaves are large, leathery and a dark shining green.  Being a large leaved plant it makes a great screening plant, and it is also a good sound proofing plant as it will trap the noise within the leaves and not reflect much sound back into the surrounding area.  It is also good at trapping dust particles as well making it versatile at improving the conditions around itself.

While Common Laurel (Prunus lau. Rotundifolia) Instant hedging can be kept closely trimmed it is better if left as a slightly more natural hedge with a less formal shape.  If they out grow and get to large for the area they planted in, they are able to be cut very hard back and with feeding and extra water for a few months after the pruning they will regenerate to form a great hedge again.

They flower on the previous years growth so if the are being regularly trimmed you are very unlikely to get the lovely white candle flowers which are followed by red fading to black berries which help to give it the common name of Cherry Laurel.  If being grown near decorative paving or decking it is advisable to trim the flowers off after they have finished if any are apparent as the fruit can stain flooring if it falls to the floor in the autumn.

This form of Common Laurel was first recorded being grown in the United Kingdom around 1865.

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Prunus lau. Rotundifolia

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