Prunus lau. Etna Readybag

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Prunus lau. Etna is a selected form of Cherry laurel which has lovely bronze new growth.  It is more compact and slower growing, but still has a majesty and fine structure that will only enhance a garden or planting scheme.

Prunus lau. Etna

Prunus lau. Etna or Cherry Laurel instant hedging is a dark green leaved evergreen hedging plant. It is a selected form of Common Laurel that has been chosen for the coppery coloured new foliage that it puts out in the spring, it also has a more compact growth habit when it is compared to the Common Laurel. As it is more compact it is the perfect plant to use where good screening is needed but there is little space available or it will need to be trimmed more regularly.  Being a large leaved hedging plant it is also very good at sound proofing  as it traps noise within its foliage.

Prunus lau. Etna instant hedging grows in nearly every condition except very poor shallow chalky soils where it will look very yellow and ill.  Along with the Common Laurel (Prunus lau. Rotundifolia) there are few other evergreen hedges that are as tolerant of shade and the drip of water from overhanging trees.

The more regularly it is trimmed the more of the coppery new foliage will be produced.  As with all Prunus lau. varieties if it gets out of control it can be cut hard back and it will regenerate itself and give good screening afterwards.

While Laurel (Prunus lau. Etna) instant hedging can sometimes be hard to tell apart from Common Laurel we think that this is a very good hedging plant and should be planted more frequently.

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Prunus lau. Etna

Length 100 cm, Width 40 cm, Height 100-120 cm

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