Pittosporum ten. Golf Ball

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Pittosporum ten. Golf Ball is a form of pittosporum that naturally forms a small mound or ball.  It can be kept trimmed to make an excellent low hedge which is a brilliant alternative to Box.  It has pale green leaves and trims up to make a compact hedge.

Pittosporum ten. Golf Ball

Pittosporum ten. Golf Ball Instant hedging is an exciting new type of hedging from Readyhedge. It is a selected form of Pittosporum tenuifolium Instant Hedging.  Pittosporum tenuifolium is a native plant of New Zealand. It is an evergreen plant that naturally grows into a low mound forming shrub and can reach approximately 120cm tall and 120cm wide. It can be trimmed into a low hedge and will make a great alternative to Box hedging. It is evergreen with glossy leaves that are a bright pale green and have a wavy edge.  These leaves are supported by slender black stems.

Pittosporum ten. Golf Ball instant hedging is frost hardy in most locations and makes a great hedging plant for coastal and urban areas. Outside of these areas growing it in a South or West facing aspect will be of great benefit to the plants.  It is also very tolerant of shade and dry soils. They do flower and the flowers are slightly inconspicuous chocolate-purple coloured flowers that have a slight honey scent to them. The flowers are tucked away within the foliage making them hard to see.  If kept regularly trimmed the amount of flower will be a lot less than if it is left to grow naturally. This makes a really eye catching ready hedge and provides great structure when used in a formal garden setting.

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Pittosporum ten. Golf Ball

Length 100 cm, Width 25 cm, Height 30-40 cm, Length 100cm, width 20cm, height 20-30cm

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pittosporum golf ball