Mixed Native Hedging Readybag Mix 2

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Thorn, Sloe, Cherry plum

These are intended to mimic the natural field hedges that you see all over the United Kingdom.  They are based on hawthorn and have other plants in them that you would find in most hedgerows.  They are available in 2 different mixes Mixed Native Hedging Readybags Mix 2 and Mix 1.


Thorn, Sloe, Cherry plum

The inspiration for the Mixed Native Hedging instant hedge comes from the hedgerows that roll across the British countryside. They are a random mix of different varieties but underpinning nearly all of it is hawthorn. The mixes that we supply are 60% hawthorn with the rest made up of other varieties that are proven to perform well across nearly all of the United Kingdom. The plants in these mixes will all give good cover, shelter and food for a wide range of animals, birds and insects. Being container-grown this hedging will establish faster than the traditional way of planting a mixed hedge and due to its density, it will not need rabbit guards when planted.

The Mixed Native Hedging Readybag Hedging is supplied in 2 mixes; Mix 1 is Hawthorn, Field Maple, Hazel and Mix 2 is Hawthorn, Sloe, Cherry Plum.

It is possible when trimming the Mixed Native Hedging instant hedge to leave certain plants un-trimmed to form small trees to add extra cover and interest to the hedge. The Best ones for leaving untrimmed are Field Maple, Sloe, and Cherry Plum.

The bigger the number of plants in a mixed hedge the more diversity of beneficial insects and animals that can be supported and the healthy the local area will be.

Mixed Native Hedging Readybag Mix 2 is made up of Hawthorn, Sloe and Cherry Plum.  The Sloe sometimes also called Black Thorn is a very commonly know plant much for hedging animals in due to its thorns, but it is also much appreciated for its fruit which go into making Sloe Gin.  The Cherry Plum forms a small tree if allowed to grow un-trimmed and can produce some small plum like fruit which are great for wildlife.  Both the Cherry Plum and the Sloe are early flowering plants which are very beneficial for early flying insects in the spring.

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Weight 57 kg
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 140-160 cm
MNH Mix 2 thorn, Sloe, Hornbeam

length 100cm, width 20cm, height 100-120cm, length 100cm, width 20cm, height 70-90cm, length 100cm, width 20cm, height 80-100cm, length 100cm, width 40cm, height 130-150cm, length 100cm, width 40cm, height 140-160cm

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