Ligustrum jap. Texanum Readybag

Ligustrum jap. Texanum is is an evergreen Privet.  With dark green waxy leaves it forms a superb hedge.  Not seen very often grown as a hedge it will add a touch of uniqueness to any scheme.

Ligustrum jap. 'Texanum'

Ligustrum jap. Texanum instant hedge is sometimes called Japanese Privet or Waxleaf Privet.  It has a dark green glossy evergreen leaf.  In the Summer if left untrimmed or lightly trimmed it will have creamy white flowers on which need trimming off when they fade to keep the density of the hedge.

All the privets take pruning very well so not only can this be kept as a nice clipped hedge it can also be trained into topiary if required.

Ligustrum jap. Texanum instant hedge is very hardy (down to minus 18'C), it is also very tolerant of all soil types but it is advisable to not plant into heavy waterlogged soil as the plant will struggle with this.  They are excellent in coastal and exposed areas.

Additional information

Ligustrum jap. Texanum

Length 100 cm, Width 40 cm, Height 80-100 cm, Length 100cm, Width 40cm, Height 140-160cm

Hedge Specifications

ligustrum jap