Ilex crenata ‘Carolina Upright’

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Ilex crenata 'Carolina Upright' (Japanese Holly) Instant hedge is a slow growing upright evergreen hedge.  It is a form of Japanese Holly but it has small Box like spineless leaves and is sometimes called the Box leaved Holly.  It will grow in almost all soil types but it prefers a well drained but moist soil so avoid soils that can lie wet.  It is best to avoid chalky or clay soils and it prefers a humus rich acidic soil to give the best results. It has the added advantage of being resistant to Rusts, leaf spots and Box blight and Box Moth caterpillar. To keep it looking its best it will benefit from regular feeding during the growing season.

Ilex crenata 'Carolina Upright' (Japanese Holly) instant hedge is tolerant of shade as well as Urban pollution making it perfect for use in towns and cities and is the ideal instant hedge for your landscaping projects.  Also being evergreen and naturally narrow growing it will make a great boundary hedge

Ilex crenata is a popular shrub in Japan and Korea and has been trained into many different and fantastic shapes.

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Ilex cren. 'Carolina Upright'

100cm long, 40cm wide, 70-80cm high, 100cm long, 40cm wide, 80-90cm high, Length 100cm, Width 40cm, Height 75-95cm