How to use Readyhedge in 4 easy steps

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Readyhedge is an innovative and easy way to plan and plant a hedge.

Below we’ll take you through just a few of the benefits of using Readyhedge and how to use our hedging to benefit your garden or outdoor space in just four quick and easy steps.

How to use readyhedge

The traditional way of using bare root or field-grown hedging involves measuring and then working out how many plants are needed. If a mixed hedge has also been specified, there’s also the job of choosing which species are to be planted. Traditionally hedges are usually comprised of five plants per metre and when planted are a single stem which then needs some sort of protection from rabbits and other grazing animals. This is normally in the form of plastic guards and canes. 

A Readyhedge trough is 5 plants in a metre, but they have been growing together for 12 to 18 months and have been trimmed to encourage side shoots. This means that when they are planted, they are already quite dense and do not need this protection from grazing animals. 


Bare root hedging has a short window of time in which it can be planted, normally from November to the end of March. 

A Readyhedge trough can be planted at any time of the year, meaning that hedging can now be planted all year round. Bare root hedging can also suffer from a 20-25% failure rate in the first year due to replant shock, whereas with a Readyhedge trough this has already been done and so as long as the hedging is cared for correctly it will give you 100% survival. 


When planting bare root plants care must be taken to make sure that they do not dry out and that they are planted at the correct depth and without damaging the roots, this can be quite a time-consuming process. A Readyhedge trough just needs a trench that is 19cm deep and 30cm wide and then the hedging can be lifted out of the plastic trough and placed straight in, this means that planting of our instant hedging can take half the time.

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When planting taller plants if you use our Readybag range of hedging, the same applies, it is quicker and easier to plant a Readybag than it is to plant individual plants.


How to use Readyhedge in four quick and easy steps.

  1. Choose the variety of hedge that you wish to plant
  2. Measure the length of the area you are putting the hedge into
  3. Order that number of Readyhedge instant hedging units
  4. Sit back and await delivery which can be as quick as 48 hours


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