5 Evergreen Hedges to Keep Your Garden Vibrant

by | Dec 1, 2020 | News | 0 comments

Evoke joy from your garden all year round with a collection of evergreen hedges.

While natures circle of life should be considered a thing of beauty, the reality of bare tree branches, frozen waters and lawns covered with leaves is not usually a desirable sight for any avid gardener.

Evergreen plants and shrubs are the perfect option to provide structure, colour, and interest throughout the whole year. Add in some evergreen hedges and give your garden a picturesque backdrop to enjoy in every season.

Not to mention the benefits of evergreens include, improving the air quality, and providing privacy for your garden which in turn helps conserve energy by sheltering your home from the elements.

Evergreen Hedges
We’ve put together a collection of our favourite evergreen hedges that would make a wonderful addition to any garden.

  1. Common LaurelPrunus lau. Rotundifolia

This hedge is a reliable evergreen, best suited to being a boundary hedge. Easy to maintain as it can be left less manicured than some hedges, which allows it to shine to its full potential.


  1. Scared BambooNandina dom. Obsessed

This is a low hedge with a stunning red new growth. A little less formal than traditional hedging, this adds a more free flowing dynamic to your garden.


  1. Portuguese LaurelPrunus lusitanica Angustifolia

This hedge adds class and elegance to any garden with its dark green leaves on subtle reddish stems. In the late spring season, if left untrimmed, it will produce a white candle-like flower, followed by small black berries. Its polished leaves can also be trimmed into balls or lollipop shapes to add another layer of interest to your garden.


  1. BroadleafGriselinia Littoralis

With its fresh, apple green coloured leaves the Broadleaf makes a perfect natural screening for your landscaping project. Native to New Zealand this evergreen hedge flourishes in more coastal locations of the UK or in sheltered areas and cities.


  1. Photinia Red RobinPhotinia x fraseri red robin

A marvellous alternative to your typical evergreen hedge because of its stunning red, glossy leaves. These stay vibrant in colour through the spring and summer before maturing to a dark green.


If looking to add some evergreen colour into your garden this winter season, you can easily search our hedges here.
All our hedge’s descriptions provide information on their appearance as well as detailed specifications on soil types, when to trim and when to feed them.

For any specific questions please do give us a call on 01386 750 585 and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to help.

It can be tricky choosing the right evergreen hedges for your garden, and making the right decision for the location of your garden is sometimes confusing.
At Readyhedge our experts can guide you on choosing the perfect evergreen hedge. If you’re looking to achieve shelter from the elements, colour and privacy from neighbours then we can help.