Why Choose Instant Hedging for your Garden?

by | Jan 26, 2021 | News | 0 comments

First, what is instant hedging?

Instant hedging are hedge units that have been grown in individual troughs. These troughs are typically one metre in length and are regularly pruned, forming a solid hedging unit. It provides a quick and easy way to give your garden security and privacy, at any time of year.

Why choose instant hedging?

Instant Hedge Ready Bag

One of the most obvious benefits is there isn’t any need to wait for it to grow. These hedges come fully formed after being nurtured over a number of years. Giving you instant gratification when planted in your garden.

They are easily transferred straight from the trough or bag into the ground. Another plus is this can be done at any time of year.

With instant hedging there is an incredibly wide range of choice. Also, they are available in varying levels of maturity. Meaning you can choose hedging that appears to have been growing in your garden for years.

Implementation is extremely flexible. Unlike fencing, planting individual metre long hedges mean you can create more interesting, curved shapes.

To explore why else hedges are chosen over fencing, you can read last months blog here.


Looking to upgrade your garden?

Instant hedging can also be used to separate areas of your garden. Use any height of hedging to create a secluded area for eating, a hot tub or to border your flowerbeds.

Once your hedges are established (which normally takes a few years) you can choose to add instant interest and elegance to your garden with stunning topiary geometric shapes. This can include the popular ‘lollipop shape’. You could even use hedging to create canopies for walkways.

How will my hedging be delivered?

At Readyhedge our selection of hedges will be delivered on pallets, in either troughs or bags. The bags have been designed with handles for ease of handling and moving. Our hedge units are 1 metre in length and should be easily handled by two able bodied people.

Planting your hedging:

Measure out the length you need your hedging in metres. You will need 1 unit for every metre of hedging you require.

To plant the hedge, you need to dig as far down as the heigh of the trough or bag.

  • For a trough dig 20cm deep and 30cm wide
  • For a readybag dig 30cm deep and 40cm wide
  • Back fill with good quality soil and compost and then water in
  • Regular watering will be required during the growing season