Autumn Hedges at Readyhedge: Unveiling our New Lines

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As autumn rolls in with a cool breeze, Readyhedge is excited to introduce our new range of hedge lines. These have been carefully grown to add a touch of autumn’s calm beauty to your garden. As leaves change from summer green to autumn colours, our new hedge lines are here to bring this seasonal change right to your garden, offering a calm and fresh look.

At Readyhedge, our knowledge of gardening helps us provide a wide range of quality hedges. The coming of autumn turns gardens into beautiful and lively places. Our new hedge lines are more than just additions to your garden; they open up a way to enjoy the beauty and many benefits of autumn hedges.

Why Choose Autumn Hedges

hedges in autumn

Autumn is a brilliant time of year to capitalise on some new hedging. They not only make gardens look good but also help nature thrive. Here are some great reasons to choose autumn hedges for your garden:

Beautiful Colours

Autumn brings a lovely change of colours in leaves. As it gets cooler, autumn hedges like Beech and Portuguese Laurel show off colours from golden yellows to bright reds. This natural colour change makes your garden a beautiful place to enjoy the season. The mix of autumn colours with green plants is a lovely sight.

Home for Wildlife

Autumn hedges give birds, small animals, and insects a place to live. Some hedges have berries and seeds which help feed wildlife during colder months. By having autumn hedges, your garden becomes a small wildlife-friendly place.

Privacy and Shelter

Many autumn hedges are thick and tall, making them good for privacy. They also help block cold autumn winds, making your garden a cosy place. For example, a well-kept Beech hedge can slow down the wind, keeping your outdoor space more comfortable.

Helps the Soil

Autumn hedges have strong roots that hold the soil together. This helps prevent soil from washing away in the rain, especially on slopes or in areas where water runs off easily.

Easy to Take Care Of

Once they’re growing well, autumn hedges are easy to look after. They don’t need a lot of cutting back, and they are strong against common garden problems like pests and diseases. This makes autumn hedges a good choice for both new and experienced gardeners. The Portuguese Laurel, for example, is known for being hardy and easy to care for.

A Good Investment

Choosing autumn hedges is a long-term way to make your garden and property better. Over time, well-kept hedges grow and change, showing off seasonal beauty year after year. Plus, the added privacy and beauty could increase your property’s value.

Spotlight: Portuguese Laurel


readyhedge portugal laurel vertical

Portuguese Laurel, or Prunus lusitanica Angustifolia, is a distinguished choice for gardeners seeking to add a touch of elegance along with practical benefits to their gardens. Here’s an in-depth look into the characteristics and benefits of choosing Portuguese Laurel for your hedges:

Robust Nature

Portuguese Laurel is revered for its robust nature which makes it a resilient choice for various soil types and weather conditions. Its ability to thrive in shallow chalk soils makes it a reliable option where other hedge varieties might struggle. Moreover, its cold resistance further augments its suitability for the UK’s varied climate, making it a superior substitute for Sweet Bay (Laurus nobilis).

Ease of Maintenance

One of the notable traits of Portuguese Laurel is its low maintenance requirement. It responds well to regular trimming, which not only keeps it in shape but also promotes denser growth. This characteristic makes it a suitable choice for both novice gardeners and seasoned horticulturists looking for less maintenance-intensive hedges.

Formal and Smart Appearance

Portuguese Laurel can be trimmed to achieve a very formal and smart hedge. Its small, dark green leaves held on reddish stems that mature over time, present a polished look that never fails to impress. Whether you prefer a neat, geometric appearance or a more natural look, Portuguese Laurel is versatile enough to meet various aesthetic preferences.

Versatile Trimming Options

The flexibility in trimming allows Portuguese Laurel to be shaped into different forms. When clipped regularly, it can produce a tight, dense hedge comparable to the revered English Yew (Taxus baccata). Moreover, it can be creatively clipped into balls and lollipops, adding a whimsical or formal touch to your garden landscape.

Flowering and Fruiting

If left untrimmed, Portuguese Laurel produces white candle-like flowers in late spring, followed by small black berries, adding a seasonal charm. However, with regular trimming, flowering and fruiting can be controlled as per your preference.

An Ideal Substitute

Portuguese Laurel serves as a great alternative to other laurels, especially in cold-prone areas. It’s similar in appearance to Sweet Bay but exhibits better cold resistance, making it a more reliable choice.

Height and Structure

When allowed to grow untrimmed, Portuguese Laurel naturally forms a dense cone, reaching up to about 5 metres in height. This can provide substantial privacy and windbreak benefits while adding a structural element to the garden design.

Readyhedge Offerings

Readyhedge provides high-quality Portuguese Laurel hedges, available in Readybag or trough formats for ease of planting and instant effect. Their expertly grown Portuguese Laurel hedges are a testament to over 20 years of horticultural excellence, ensuring you receive a top-tier product that will thrive in your garden for years to come.

The Portuguese Laurel from Readyhedge is competitively priced at £220.00 per metre ex. VAT for a Readybag, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. For more details or to make a purchase, you can reach out to Readyhedge at 01386 750 585 or visit their nursery at Court Gate Nursery, Eckington, WR10 3BB.

Spotlight: Green Beech

readyhedge green beech

Fagus sylvatica, commonly known as Green Beech, is a timeless choice for hedging, promising a vibrant display of changing hues all year round. Here’s an exploration of the myriad benefits and characteristics of Green Beech, making it a standout choice for your garden or landscape project:

Seasonal Beauty

Green Beech is celebrated for its seasonal transitions. In spring, it unveils fresh green leaves which transition into a rich coppery shade during autumn and winter. This constant change adds a dynamic visual interest to any planting scheme or boundary, making every season a picturesque scene in your garden.

Historical Significance

The use of Green Beech for hedging is steeped in history, finding its place in many formal gardens and landscapes over centuries. Its classic appeal has been cherished in the UK, epitomized by the Meikleour Beech Hedge in Scotland, the tallest beech hedge on earth according to Guinness World Records, standing at 30 metres tall and 530 metres long since 1745.

Award-Winning Plant

The Royal Horticultural Society bestowed an Award of Garden Merit upon Green Beech in 1984, further underlining its outstanding qualities as a hedging plant.

Impressive and Compact Hedge

With regular clipping, Green Beech forms a compact and impressive hedge, adaptable to various heights starting as low as 4 feet. Its flexibility in height and form caters to different aesthetic and functional needs, making it a versatile choice for different garden styles and purposes.

Unique Leaf Retention

Unlike many deciduous trees, Green Beech retains its burnished copper leaves during winter, providing a semblance of privacy and a visual barrier even in colder months. This unique leaf retention keeps your hedge looking full and vibrant year-round.

Soil Adaptability

Green Beech is adaptable to a wide range of soil types except for heavy clay and very wet soils. It has a particular affinity for chalky soils and shallow soils over limestone, making it a robust choice for diverse garden settings.

Readyhedge Offerings

Readyhedge provides meticulously grown Green Beech hedges, available in Readybag for £190.00 ex. VAT. This option ensures ease of planting and an instant visual impact. Their Green Beech hedges are nurtured to thrive and adapt to various garden conditions, ensuring a long-term, quality investment for your landscape.

Readyhedge’s dedicated team is available for consultations and purchases at 01386 750 585 or Court Gate Nursery, Eckington, WR10 3BB. Explore their offerings to find the perfect Green Beech hedge that aligns with your gardening aspirations.


The Readyhedge Quality Assurance: Nurturing Excellence in Every Leaf

Readyhedge Aerial Site

At Readyhedge, our legacy is deeply rooted in the unwavering commitment to delivering horticultural excellence embodied in our vast collection of superior-quality hedges. Our journey, driven by a profound passion for horticulture, has sculpted us into esteemed growers and suppliers of instant hedging and screening solutions that stand as a hallmark of quality and aesthetic charm.

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Worcestershire, our nursery is a sanctuary where the science and art of horticulture converge, fostering the growth of over 35 diverse varieties of hedges. Annually, our cultivated landscapes yield over 40km of robust, vibrant hedges, each meticulously nurtured to meet the discerning standards of both domestic and commercial landscapes.

A Symphony of Variety: Discover Readyhedge’s Extensive Collection

At the heart of Readyhedge’s offerings is a rich tapestry of hedge varieties, each bearing unique attributes poised to cater to the varied aesthetic and functional preferences of our clientele. Our speciality lies in cultivating instant hedging available in Readyhedge bags or troughs, offering a spectrum of heights ranging from a modest 30cm to an imposing 200cm. The breadth of our collection is a testament to our expertise, ensuring every garden finds its perfect companion in a Readyhedge.

Our meticulous cultivation process is tailored to meet the unique needs of each hedge variety, ensuring they thrive and mature into resilient, eye-catching horticultural marvels. Whether you are in pursuit of low or high panels, individual plants, or screens, our nursery is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

The Readyhedge Customer-Centric Approach: Where Quality Meets Convenience

Our ethos transcends the boundaries of mere commerce, embodying a holistic approach that prioritizes the satisfaction and convenience of our customers. We take immense pride in ensuring a seamless acquisition experience, offering expedited delivery services that span across England, Wales, and Scotland. Our hedges, securely nestled in their one-metre trough or bag, arrive at your doorstep ready to grace your garden with their natural elegance.

Moreover, our dedicated customer service team is always on standby, ready to assist you in your quest for the perfect hedge. Your inquiries and purchases are handled with utmost professionalism, ensuring your Readyhedge experience is as enriching as the horticultural treasures we offer.

Bridging Gardens with Horticultural Mastery

Our endeavours have not only garnered us a loyal clientele but also caught the eye of prestigious platforms, earning us a feature on ITV’s ‘Love Your Weekend’ with Alan Titchmarsh. This accolade is a heartwarming affirmation of our dedication to promoting horticultural excellence.

Embark on a horticultural voyage through Readyhedge’s extensive hedge collection, each hedge a narrative of our expertise, commitment, and the boundless beauty of nature. As you explore, you’ll uncover not just a hedge, but a lifetime companion for your garden, promising seasons of visual delight and ecological balance.


Autumn is a special time at Readyhedge. We are introducing new hedge varieties like the Portuguese Laurel and Green Beech to help make your garden a peaceful and beautiful place. Our wide range of hedges is carefully chosen to suit different gardens and tastes.

Our new autumn hedges are easy to care for and add beauty to your garden through the changing seasons. Each hedge plant from Readyhedge is a quality plant that will grow well, look great, and help create a natural outdoor space for you to enjoy.

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We’re here to help you find the perfect hedge for your garden. Contact us to learn more about our new autumn hedges and other plants. Our team at Readyhedge is always ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right hedges for your garden.

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Readyhedge is your go-to place for quality hedges. Whether you’re new to gardening or have a green thumb, we’re here to help make your garden a place you love.